Life Notes


Life Vision
A simple sheet to capture who you want to be, where you want your life to go, and what your priorities are.

The life notes are divided in sections. Each section has four pages. Create as many different sections as you like. Some ideas for sections are: Family, Spirit, Health, Home, Mind, Career, Social, Volunteer, Education, Church, etc.

Vision pages are a place to envision your dreams and goals. The page has space to draw or paste in pictures, as well write. It helps you see where you are going before you start making goals.

Goals pages are designed to focus on one larger goal at a time, with plenty of space to break the goal down into action steps.

A page to write down repeating maintenance tasks, or routines and habits. It includes daily, weekly, monthly and seasonal tasks. This is a good place to write down things like exercise routines, chore schedules, meditation habits, scripture study, etc.

Compile ideas for future goals, projects or tasks.


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