I often change the way I plan. I wanted a planner that could change along with me, instead of having to go out and get a new planner. Here are some of the features that make this planner flexible.

This planner is a ring-bound book or binder. A binder planner provides the ultimate flexibility If you want to add or take away or change a page, go for it.


All pages are available to download and print for free, so there’s no reason to be stuck with the first draft.

With flexible table formats, you can move between planning schedules or tasks.


Plenty of blank space to add a section you don’t find that you want, or let loose with creativity.

The Life Notes section allows you to add and organize pages that you want to have on hand from exercise cheat sheets, meal planners, budget ledgers, schedules, chore charts and idea lists.

Goal Oriented

A good planner isn’t about just getting things done. I’ve found that any old planner will work for that. A good planner will provide the space and means necessary to focus my life on my goals and what I need to do to accomplish them. I also find that I often can set too many, non-specific goals. 

Goal planning starts in the life notes section. After picking different sections for your life notes, create your vision and then move on to the goal page. Each section is designed for one larger goal that is divided into action steps.


Goals from the life notes can move into the planner. Nearly every page in the planner has a space to not only write goals, but action steps as well. Plan goals in any increment you want: yearly, season, month, or week.

Instead of just looking at task lists, there is space that specifically focus on the action steps needed to complete a goal.

At the end of a longer time period, find space to review how you are doing on your goals and what lessons you’ve learned.



What nearly every planner I tried lacked was space. I wanted a planner that wasn’t bulky, but still had the room I needed to plan my life. 

Generous space for lists, schedules, and goals. The planner has space to plan your year, month or season, week and day.

And if you run out? scattered throughout are blank boxes that you can fill up with what you can’t find room for elsewhere. Or draw a picture, write down a quote, make a mind map, or doodle away.

The planner is contained in a notebook that’s just nine by six inches. This half-sheet size is large enough to contain everything that is needed, but small enough it slides easily into a handbag. Not massive, not tiny, but just right.


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