A Pattern for Living

I have certain things I want in my life. But life is complex, and often the simple things I want to happen rarely happen as easily as I would like. Life can be stressful, discouraging and hard to understand.

By patterning my life, I develop a better way of living. Patterns are a repetition of a sequence. My life already naturally follow a pattern: I have a daily routine that I naturally follow: wake up, work, eat meals, sleep, repeat. Patterning helps me live life to the fullest: to set meaningful goals and plans, and better obtain the life I desire to live.

I also use a pattern to create my holistic program. The pattern can be repeated for different life components and wholes. It is a series of seven steps that will help develop meaningful goals and plans. Each of these steps doesn’t need to be heavily detailed: a brief overview is more effective. I focus on the overall whole, maintaining a holistic mindset, and not on specific details, events, situations or individual elements.

To help explain the process, I’m going to use the holistic program that we created as a family.

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