The last step is learning from all the previous steps and gaining ideas for the future.  Advancing can include periodic review, opportunities I see to share with others, and collecting and working on more ideas.

Advancing can include ideas of things to do in my free time, ways to serve or share with others, and projects that I want to do at a future time.

Family version: Ideas of things to do together: Music, games, read, crafts, play, picnics, talk, plan, camping, swim, parks, hike, bikes, walks, exercise, home and garden improvement, cook and bake, sports: basketball, disc golf, table tennis, soccer. Invite friends and family over to share our lives. Look for ways to help others.

Creating new ideas, extending it to others, and learning and evaluating

  • What ideas do I have for future projects or opportunities?
  • How can I share with or teach others?
  • What have I learned and how can I improve?

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