A healthy body includes abundant energy, health, and physical strength.

Keeping my body healthy is one of the most important tasks I can take. The state of my physical body often affects how I interact with others, how I think about myself. It determines my moods and attitudes, my energy levels. If I am not as healthy as I can be, I cannot live up to my potential.

In order to keep my physical bodies healthy, I need easy access to the necessities of life: a clean home, pure water, clean air, and healthy food. Keeping my body healthy is simple. I exercise, take care of any health problems, and eat nutritious food. By doing so, I have high energy levels and a strong physical capacity.

My body not only includes my internal health but my appearance as well. Although I do not see any need to radically alter my outer appearance, part of keeping a healthy body is having a neat and clean outward appearance.

Through my body, I am able to engage in physical action and presence. It allows me the pleasure of physical experience. With physical health, and appropriate behavior and action, I gain a sense of physical security in life.

I develop a healthy body by consistent exercise, by eating fresh foods, and living an active lifestyle. I enjoy going outside in nature and living in a healthy environment.

Body is action and physical presence.

  • Includes our physical bodies, appearance.
  • Practices of exercise, nutrition and health
  • Produces energy levels and physical capacity
  • Also includes our behaviors and actions
  • Leads to sense of security

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