A career isn’t limited to my current job, or where I primarily make money. A career is where I contribute to the community over the course of my lifetime. Usually, we do this by specializing in one field, gaining training and education in that field, and then working in a job in the field. Volunteer work, community education, and hobbies can also be part of what I consider my career.

The career that I pick should be centered on bringing value and increasing the quality of life in my community. This can be a wide range of positions and fields. Many jobs are more physical or mental in nature. If it is more physical, it is helpful to engage in personal goals that are more intellectual in nature. If the job is not physically demanding, and more intellectual (like sitting on a computer all day), my personal goals can focus more on developing my physical self.

I develop my mind in our career through competence and continuing seeking to improve our intelligence. I improved our body through physical work and functioning well. I improve my spirit by purposeful, ethical and principle based behavior. And I improve my heart through passion and connection with others.

Work in our career and community. Generally includes more than just our jobs, can include our hobbies and other opportunities.

  • Mind: (primary) Competent and improving intelligence
  • Body: Physical work and presence that functions well
  • Spirit: Purposeful, ethical and principle-based behavior
  • Heart: Passion, connection with others

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