I unite with others that have similar beliefs and purpose in worship, in a whole that forms my church or similar group. Through a church, I worship God and form a relationship with Him, and share my worship with others.

The practices of love, worship, prayer, and meditation form a relationship with God. I share this relationship and similar beliefs with a group of people forming a physical congregation.

My spirit improves based on my beliefs about God and personal connection to Him. My heart improves as I strengthen my desires and faith about God. My mind improves with knowledge and correct perception of God. My body improves as I belong to a physical congregation, and participate in outward ordinances. A good church provides us with belief, knowledge, service, and outward ordinances.

 Love and worship God, in practices that form a relationship with God such as prayer and meditation, and also membership in a physical congregation.

  • Spirit: (primary) Beliefs about God, and personal connection to Him
  • Heart: How we feel about God including our desires and faith
  • Mind: Our knowledge and perception of God
  • Body: The congregation we belong to and ordinances we participate in

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