Creating is working on projects that will further my design. This is adding on to all the planning I’ve done so far, by creating traditional goals and following a plan to obtain them. Creation is adding something new to my life: it can be any project that has a specific outcome or improvements to my routine.

I use traditional goal setting techniques. For example, I have a goal of completing an online class to further my employable skills. To make my goal more meaningful, I can create a plan of completing it: I decide to work on it nightly for one hour and write down specific deadlines within the class to make sure I am staying on track. Goals can follow the traditional method of SMART: specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, and time-based.

Family version: Peter read scriptures nightly until he finishes the Book of Mormon, completed before his eighth birthday. Curtis practice reading lessons with Mom daily until the start of kindergarten. Potty train Henry before his third birthday. Work on the garden together, grow a plot at the community garden and tend it weekly.  

Implement the design, make all improvements

  • What project can I work on now that will further my design?
  • What goals and routines do I need to develop?

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