A design matches the inventory and vision, by detailing the steps needed to get to the overall vision. This will be what I will need to produce, and in what form to get to my vision. It can include the resources I will need on an ongoing basis to obtain my vision.

I include ongoing habits and where I need to spend my time. A design statement could be, “Spend time on creative pursuits,” “Priority to quality family experience,” or, “Have financial security and consistent income.”

Family version: Choose the right, be active in the church. Develop testimonies of God and faith to follow him. Read and learn. Obtain needful education. Spend time on creative projects. Teach each other. Spend time with each other. Have fun, be playful and practice mindfulness. Seek wholesome recreations. Eat well, exercise and rest well. Develop the ability to make and take care of money. Maintain a clean home and garden.

Match up the inventory and vision (Focus on ideals and resolutions)

  • What are the habits, characteristics, attitudes, skills, and actions I need to develop to reach my vision from where I’m at?
  • What steps are needed to get to the overall vision and figure out the details?
  • What do I need to produce, and in what form?
  • What resources do I need in the future?

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