The environment in this context refers to where I live: my home and garden. It can also include a workplace or other location where we spend lots of time. My environment has a large impact on my life and the lives of those who live with me.

The first impact of an environment is our physical health. A healthy environment leads directly to healthy eating and nutrition, healthy bodies, opportunities to exercise and work, and proper hygiene and cleanliness.

My environment also impacts my heart in the form of my stress levels, and my capacity to relax and enjoy myself. Pleasant environments naturally bring a sense of calm: where messy ones can bring added stress. A good environment allows me to interact with others in a pleasing and safe way.

My environment allows me a place to cultivate my mind by having a functional space that allows for creative expression and reflection. And it can help my spirituality by creating purpose and fostering environmental ethics.

Improve and create our environment to be beautiful, functional, sustainable and healthy. This starts with our home, and can include our garden, work setting, and community.

  • Body: (primary) Physical properties, heath capacity
  • Heart: Beautiful, welcoming, open to people
  • Mind: Functional space
  • Spiritual: Reaching a purpose, ethically and sustainability

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