A healthy heart will include emotional expression, self-worth, and connection with others.

Feelings, emotions, and desires are often talked of as originating in the heart. My heart gives me the complexity of emotions.  Through my emotions, I experience the richness of life. A healthy heart is able to accept and wisely express a wide range of emotions.

My heart enables me to have personal power, self-worth and be able to be comfortable and happy with myself. I personally think that we should all consider ourselves the most awesome person we know. I have to spend every moment of my existence with myself. I think it is wise to consider myself my favorite person to be with.

My emotions enable me to connect with others. As my emotions are stable and happy, I develop a magnetic personality that allows me to associate with others in a positive manner. I can empathize with others and connect with them. I can feel and experience love towards myself and others.

I have a healthy heart by feeling and expressing my emotions wisely, spending time on meditation and reflections, and associating with others in a positive, loving manner.

Heart is desire and feeling.

  • Includes our emotions
  • Practices of connection and relaxation
  • Produces service, empathy, and a magnetic personality
  • Creates our personal power, our self-worth, and the ability to be comfortable and happy with ourselves and others
  • Involves being accepting and wisely expressive of our emotions

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