Creating an inventory is exploring what is already there. Inventory is determining the current state, strength and weakness, inputs and output, and limitations. To inventory my life, I begin by listing the wholes I belong to, and the roles and relationships I have in each whole. For other wholes, I define the whole and the members within it.

The inventory should list the important trends and details in my life. I include a brief description of my personality, challenges that I am continually working on, a list of my talents and skills, etc.

Family version: We are the Braithwaites: Joe, Liz, Peter, Curtis and Henry. Peter, Curtis are in school, Henry is a toddler. Joe has a successful career as a physical therapist, Liz is a full-time mom. We are active members of our local congregation. Often passionate, sometimes too reactive with each other. Love spending time together and participate in outdoor recreation.

Exploring what is there: where I am at now: overall trends/pattern

  • What is my current state?
  • What is my history and experience?
  • What are my skills, abilities, talents?
  • What are my weaknesses?
  • What works well, what doesn’t work?
  • What are my inputs and outputs?
  • What my limitations in circumstance, talent, time and budget?

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