Maintenance ensures that all the improvements and designs I have in life are well cared for. Maintenance tasks are tasks that are repeated on an ongoing basis, in order to maintain my lifestyle. Maintenance is done by the formation of routines and systems that give time and priority to maintenance tasks, often divided into daily, weekly or seasonal tasks.

Maintaining can include simple tasks like reading, cleaning the house, eating healthy meals, exercising, and prayer. It can also include family vacations, retreats, and reviews.

Family version: Daily: Family prayer and scripture study, family dinners, time for school and homework, special time with children, reading at bedtime, sleep, pick up after ourselves, keep a clean home. Weekly: Church, movie night on Saturday, family activity, weekly chores, time for dates. Seasonal: Birthdays, holidays, vacation

Formation of routines to ensure improvements are well cared for

  • What do I need to do on a daily, weekly, or seasonal basis to ensure I am fulfilling my design?
  • Does my routine help us maintain my holistic goal?

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