A healthy mind includes an active, creative intelligence, correct perception and clear thoughts.

My thoughts guide my life. The collection of knowledge and thoughts form my intelligence. My thoughts are entirely in my control, and they form the basis of much of my character. As my intelligence increases and I apply that knowledge, I develop wisdom. I increase the capacity of my mind be reading, learning, visualizing, planning and creating.

Perception guides my mental processes. Perception is how I see things: my judgments and opinions about what I experience and learn. Perception often becomes very ingrained in my thought process: but it can be molded and changed if I allow it to become more conscious.

Creativity is foundational to mental success. My mind wants to be used in innovative ways: and engaging in creative pursuits helps my mind to be active. Creativity is not just limited to art: almost anything I do can be creatively minded.

My mind allows us to think through and solve problems. I am able to visualize, think through things, and perceive what might happen, allowing me to solve very complicated problems quickly.

I develop a healthy mind by learning through reading, studying, and creation and by applying and teaching what I know.

Mind is thought and intelligence.

  • Includes our intelligence, wisdom, and perceptions
  • Practices of reading, visualizing, planning, and writing
  • Enables us to work creatively and solve problems

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