Planning Ideas

My holistic program is the beginning of my planning program. The first step is filling out my holistic program. Next, I like to take the maintenance tasks and current creation projects and use the tasks I have identified to make a weekly routine. Within my weekly routine, every single task has a specific time to accomplish it.

For goals, I enjoy creating seasonal projects to work on, rather than monthly or yearly goals. A season, or 13 weeks, gives me enough time to complete larger projects, and still have frequent evaluation. I found a month was too short to accomplish many projects, and a year was too long and goals were forgotten or hard to plan.

I also set up a table with a timetable for long term goals. I also use this table to see how old my kids will be and what grade they are in, and other life accomplishments within family members. I don’t expect to follow this plan exactly, but it gives me an overview of how I want my life to proceed.

I plan weekly to identify the steps I want to accomplish in my goals and plan for other miscellaneous tasks that pop up.  During the weekly planning session, I also review my holistic program. Daily planning is a simple matter of using events that happen that day, my routine I have identified, and other tasks that I want to accomplish. I put this into a rough schedule that I follow throughout the day.

There are many other ways to plan: and everyone has to find the method that works well for them. Personally, I have trialed many methods before I settled on my current one, and occasionally I find I need to change it up a bit. Monthly goals, traditional planners, apps for to-do lists, journals, wall or online calendars, can all be part of a good planning program. Try different methods out, and find or create what works for you.

Planning templates are available here.

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