This step is about recognizing the things that often get in the way or don’t matter, and then scaling back or eliminating them. I can purposefully remove the things from my life that prevent me from achieving my vision and design.

It can include removing physical clutter, stopping bad habits, limiting my time with social media or TV, and dealing with feelings that prevent me from reaching my goals.

Family version: Limit media use to less than 1.5 hours a day, with only PG material. Avoid physical violence or yelling, and no form of fighting is permitted in the front living room. Avoid dishonest behavior, and being unkind to others.

Match up the inventory and vision (Focus on ideals and resolutions)

  • What are the habits, characteristics, attitudes, skills and actions I need to develop to reach my vision from where I’m at?
  • What steps are needed to get to the overall vision and figure out the details?
  • What do I need to produce, and in what form?
  • What resources do I need in the future?

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