A healthy spirit will include a firm belief system, purpose, and a code of personal conduct.

My spirituality is my purpose and beliefs. I often think of it as my religion: but my personal expression of spirit can be very different than a singular set of religious beliefs. The spirit is the higher sense of purpose in life, the beliefs that keep me going each day. It is also the beliefs that create my sense of character and personal conduct.

For most people, spirituality originates from a connection to God, the creator, and the spiritual power of the earth. Belief in God leads me to have a purpose that guides my life. This purpose is often rooted in love: love from God, and love towards him and the people around me. When I have a clear overarching purpose for my life, my spirituality is healthy and well.

My beliefs and purpose form a collection of values, principles, morals, and ethics. I commit to living right, and I identify wrong and try to eliminate it. I develop codes of conduct and principles that are foundational and guide us in my life, creating my character.

Spiritual health is a gateway to joy. This joy isn’t dependent on outside circumstances, but simply dependent on the knowledge that I am fulfilling my purpose, and I am living a life that is consistent with a firm sense of character and morals.

I increase my spirituality by gaining knowledge through the study of scripture and uplifting books and pondering on the words I read. I engage in prayer frequently, I meditate, I worship and I write down and live my purposes in life.

Spirit is purpose and belief.

  • Includes our values, commitments, principles, morals, and ethics
  • Practices of contemplation, worship, and meditation
  • Involves seeking guidance, and a connection to higher power
  • Form purpose and a code of personal conduct

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