I am part of more than just my own self.  I am also parts of different wholes. A whole is a group working together for a common goal. Within these whole, we have different roles and relationships. Four wholes are generally common in everyone: church or connection to God; relationships with other people, especially family; careers; and the environment where I live, such as my home. In the upcoming sections, I’ll take a deeper look at each.

Each of these wholes can correlate with an aspect of our individual self: church with spirit, relationships with heart, career with mind and environment with body. Each whole can also include all aspects that also make up the self. I can use the components of myself to further each of the wholes I belong to, and each whole also allows me to improve myself.


    We can use our spirit, heart, mind, and body to:

  • Improve and define ourselves
  • Worship God
  • Foster relationships with others
  • Work in our career
  • Improve and create our environment

I can make holistic programs for any whole I desire. As I make the program, it’s helpful to do with the people that are also decision makers in that whole. For example, in my family we make our program with all the members of our family; my husband, me and our children.

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