With all the steps and components I have talked about, you can form a holistic program. I start with myself and go through each of the seven steps, using the different components discussed if desired. Then I identify any whole I want to make a holistic program for and also go through the steps. When doing a holistic program for any group that is more than myself, I involve the people in that group.

To clarify how this is done, I have included a variety of worksheets. One is for me, three other ones are for wholes: there is a singular version (I), plural version (we), and generic version (it). Use any version that works for you, and feel free to modify it to suit your needs.

Using the Worksheet

I update my worksheets on an ongoing basis: it’s never quite done but evolves with experience and different desires. The creation step is a rotating step that changes as I complete goals. I like to refer to it weekly, to ensure my life is on track with my holistic program.

It is also an excellent tool for decision making. Whenever I make a life decision, I like to refer to my holistic goal and ensure that the decision I make is in line with my holistic program. For instance, as I consider furthering my education, I look through the steps of my holistic program. I notice that it will help me improve my mental capacity, my ability to make an income, and will give me further opportunities to interact with others, ideals that are all listed in my holistic program. But I also notice that it could interfere with the time I want to give to my family, and might not be financially viable in the short term. Accordingly, I look for a part-time program that enables me to still have the flexibility to care for my family, but still give me all the benefits I seek.

You can make any number of combinations of holistic programs. Personally, I have done worksheets for myself, my family, my business, and my home and garden, and one for family finances.

Singular version

Plural Version

Generic Version

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