A Pattern for Living

I have certain things I want in my life. But life is complex, and often the simple things I want to happen rarely happen as easily as I would like. Life can be stressful, discouraging and hard to understand.

By patterning my life, I develop a better way of living. Patterns are a repetition of a sequence. My life already naturally follow a pattern: I have a daily routine that I naturally follow: wake up, work, eat meals, sleep, repeat. Patterning helps me live life to the fullest: to set meaningful goals and plans, and better obtain the life I desire to live.

I also use a pattern to create my holistic program. The pattern can be repeated for different life components and wholes. It is a series of seven steps that will help develop meaningful goals and plans. Each of these steps doesn’t need to be heavily detailed: a brief overview is more effective. I focus on the overall whole, maintaining a holistic mindset, and not on specific details, events, situations or individual elements.

To help explain the process, I’m going to use the holistic program that we created as a family.

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The environment in this context refers to where I live: my home and garden. It can also include a workplace or other location where we spend lots of time. My environment has a large impact on my life and the lives of those who live with me.

The first impact of an environment is our physical health. A healthy environment leads directly to healthy eating and nutrition, healthy bodies, opportunities to exercise and work, and proper hygiene and cleanliness.

My environment also impacts my heart in the form of my stress levels, and my capacity to relax and enjoy myself. Pleasant environments naturally bring a sense of calm: where messy ones can bring added stress. A good environment allows me to interact with others in a pleasing and safe way.

My environment allows me a place to cultivate my mind by having a functional space that allows for creative expression and reflection. And it can help my spirituality by creating purpose and fostering environmental ethics.

Improve and create our environment to be beautiful, functional, sustainable and healthy. This starts with our home, and can include our garden, work setting, and community.

  • Body: (primary) Physical properties, heath capacity
  • Heart: Beautiful, welcoming, open to people
  • Mind: Functional space
  • Spiritual: Reaching a purpose, ethically and sustainability

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A career isn’t limited to my current job, or where I primarily make money. A career is where I contribute to the community over the course of my lifetime. Usually, we do this by specializing in one field, gaining training and education in that field, and then working in a job in the field. Volunteer work, community education, and hobbies can also be part of what I consider my career.

The career that I pick should be centered on bringing value and increasing the quality of life in my community. This can be a wide range of positions and fields. Many jobs are more physical or mental in nature. If it is more physical, it is helpful to engage in personal goals that are more intellectual in nature. If the job is not physically demanding, and more intellectual (like sitting on a computer all day), my personal goals can focus more on developing my physical self.

I develop my mind in our career through competence and continuing seeking to improve our intelligence. I improved our body through physical work and functioning well. I improve my spirit by purposeful, ethical and principle based behavior. And I improve my heart through passion and connection with others.

Work in our career and community. Generally includes more than just our jobs, can include our hobbies and other opportunities.

  • Mind: (primary) Competent and improving intelligence
  • Body: Physical work and presence that functions well
  • Spirit: Purposeful, ethical and principle-based behavior
  • Heart: Passion, connection with others

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Relationships bring satisfaction, strength, and security to my life. My relationships start with my family. The priority of relationships is my spouse, children, extended family, friends, and finally my greater community.

My family is the greatest source of love in my life. I was born into a family, and develop a larger family as I grow in my life. Nothing can replace the love of family: so I need strong relationships with my family. The loving relationships I develop bring a sense of belonging and community.

Next, it is important to make friends. Friends can help me and support me. They often have talents that I don’t and we can share them together. Friends bring opportunities for service and shared experience.

The heart of relationships is love, and my own heart improves with the good feelings I gain. I improve my mind by learning and teaching with others: sharing and growing in knowledge. My body improves by a healthy functional relationship, and by serving others in physical tasks. My spirit improves by having a united purpose and altruism to each other.

Love and foster relationships with others, starts with a family. Our relationships flow outward in this order: spouse, children, extended family, friends, and community. Loving relationships bring a sense of belonging and community.

  • Heart: (primary) Feelings of love
  • Mind: Learning and teaching with each other
  • Body: Improving how we function and serving others in a physical way
  • Spirit: Having a united purpose, and sharing out of love

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I unite with others that have similar beliefs and purpose in worship, in a whole that forms my church or similar group. Through a church, I worship God and form a relationship with Him, and share my worship with others.

The practices of love, worship, prayer, and meditation form a relationship with God. I share this relationship and similar beliefs with a group of people forming a physical congregation.

My spirit improves based on my beliefs about God and personal connection to Him. My heart improves as I strengthen my desires and faith about God. My mind improves with knowledge and correct perception of God. My body improves as I belong to a physical congregation, and participate in outward ordinances. A good church provides us with belief, knowledge, service, and outward ordinances.

 Love and worship God, in practices that form a relationship with God such as prayer and meditation, and also membership in a physical congregation.

  • Spirit: (primary) Beliefs about God, and personal connection to Him
  • Heart: How we feel about God including our desires and faith
  • Mind: Our knowledge and perception of God
  • Body: The congregation we belong to and ordinances we participate in

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I am part of more than just my own self.  I am also parts of different wholes. A whole is a group working together for a common goal. Within these whole, we have different roles and relationships. Four wholes are generally common in everyone: church or connection to God; relationships with other people, especially family; careers; and the environment where I live, such as my home. In the upcoming sections, I’ll take a deeper look at each.

Each of these wholes can correlate with an aspect of our individual self: church with spirit, relationships with heart, career with mind and environment with body. Each whole can also include all aspects that also make up the self. I can use the components of myself to further each of the wholes I belong to, and each whole also allows me to improve myself.


    We can use our spirit, heart, mind, and body to:

  • Improve and define ourselves
  • Worship God
  • Foster relationships with others
  • Work in our career
  • Improve and create our environment

I can make holistic programs for any whole I desire. As I make the program, it’s helpful to do with the people that are also decision makers in that whole. For example, in my family we make our program with all the members of our family; my husband, me and our children.

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A healthy body includes abundant energy, health, and physical strength.

Keeping my body healthy is one of the most important tasks I can take. The state of my physical body often affects how I interact with others, how I think about myself. It determines my moods and attitudes, my energy levels. If I am not as healthy as I can be, I cannot live up to my potential.

In order to keep my physical bodies healthy, I need easy access to the necessities of life: a clean home, pure water, clean air, and healthy food. Keeping my body healthy is simple. I exercise, take care of any health problems, and eat nutritious food. By doing so, I have high energy levels and a strong physical capacity.

My body not only includes my internal health but my appearance as well. Although I do not see any need to radically alter my outer appearance, part of keeping a healthy body is having a neat and clean outward appearance.

Through my body, I am able to engage in physical action and presence. It allows me the pleasure of physical experience. With physical health, and appropriate behavior and action, I gain a sense of physical security in life.

I develop a healthy body by consistent exercise, by eating fresh foods, and living an active lifestyle. I enjoy going outside in nature and living in a healthy environment.

Body is action and physical presence.

  • Includes our physical bodies, appearance.
  • Practices of exercise, nutrition and health
  • Produces energy levels and physical capacity
  • Also includes our behaviors and actions
  • Leads to sense of security

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A healthy mind includes an active, creative intelligence, correct perception and clear thoughts.

My thoughts guide my life. The collection of knowledge and thoughts form my intelligence. My thoughts are entirely in my control, and they form the basis of much of my character. As my intelligence increases and I apply that knowledge, I develop wisdom. I increase the capacity of my mind be reading, learning, visualizing, planning and creating.

Perception guides my mental processes. Perception is how I see things: my judgments and opinions about what I experience and learn. Perception often becomes very ingrained in my thought process: but it can be molded and changed if I allow it to become more conscious.

Creativity is foundational to mental success. My mind wants to be used in innovative ways: and engaging in creative pursuits helps my mind to be active. Creativity is not just limited to art: almost anything I do can be creatively minded.

My mind allows us to think through and solve problems. I am able to visualize, think through things, and perceive what might happen, allowing me to solve very complicated problems quickly.

I develop a healthy mind by learning through reading, studying, and creation and by applying and teaching what I know.

Mind is thought and intelligence.

  • Includes our intelligence, wisdom, and perceptions
  • Practices of reading, visualizing, planning, and writing
  • Enables us to work creatively and solve problems

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A healthy heart will include emotional expression, self-worth, and connection with others.

Feelings, emotions, and desires are often talked of as originating in the heart. My heart gives me the complexity of emotions.  Through my emotions, I experience the richness of life. A healthy heart is able to accept and wisely express a wide range of emotions.

My heart enables me to have personal power, self-worth and be able to be comfortable and happy with myself. I personally think that we should all consider ourselves the most awesome person we know. I have to spend every moment of my existence with myself. I think it is wise to consider myself my favorite person to be with.

My emotions enable me to connect with others. As my emotions are stable and happy, I develop a magnetic personality that allows me to associate with others in a positive manner. I can empathize with others and connect with them. I can feel and experience love towards myself and others.

I have a healthy heart by feeling and expressing my emotions wisely, spending time on meditation and reflections, and associating with others in a positive, loving manner.

Heart is desire and feeling.

  • Includes our emotions
  • Practices of connection and relaxation
  • Produces service, empathy, and a magnetic personality
  • Creates our personal power, our self-worth, and the ability to be comfortable and happy with ourselves and others
  • Involves being accepting and wisely expressive of our emotions

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A healthy spirit will include a firm belief system, purpose, and a code of personal conduct.

My spirituality is my purpose and beliefs. I often think of it as my religion: but my personal expression of spirit can be very different than a singular set of religious beliefs. The spirit is the higher sense of purpose in life, the beliefs that keep me going each day. It is also the beliefs that create my sense of character and personal conduct.

For most people, spirituality originates from a connection to God, the creator, and the spiritual power of the earth. Belief in God leads me to have a purpose that guides my life. This purpose is often rooted in love: love from God, and love towards him and the people around me. When I have a clear overarching purpose for my life, my spirituality is healthy and well.

My beliefs and purpose form a collection of values, principles, morals, and ethics. I commit to living right, and I identify wrong and try to eliminate it. I develop codes of conduct and principles that are foundational and guide us in my life, creating my character.

Spiritual health is a gateway to joy. This joy isn’t dependent on outside circumstances, but simply dependent on the knowledge that I am fulfilling my purpose, and I am living a life that is consistent with a firm sense of character and morals.

I increase my spirituality by gaining knowledge through the study of scripture and uplifting books and pondering on the words I read. I engage in prayer frequently, I meditate, I worship and I write down and live my purposes in life.

Spirit is purpose and belief.

  • Includes our values, commitments, principles, morals, and ethics
  • Practices of contemplation, worship, and meditation
  • Involves seeking guidance, and a connection to higher power
  • Form purpose and a code of personal conduct

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